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All our Web Care services are powered by enterprise-grade server hardware and high-end software with bulletproof reliability, complete redundancy and a 99.9% uptime guarantee. We promise you that we can provide the best Web Care services on the internet. 

Web Care Maintenance Features

Welcome to our WordPress maintenance service page. We offer reliable, cost effective and fast WordPress maintenance services for serious web owners. Whether you get 100 visitors or 1 million visitors. We got plans for every situation.

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Web Care Maintenance Features

There are many different reasons as to why you would want to put your WordPress site into maintenance mode as well as many different ways to do so. We’ll be monitoring your site time to time and taking necessary actions to protect your website from all vulnerabilities. 

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WordPress Security

Protecting your valuable websites from hackers and other vulnerabilities are our ultimate goal. Have you experienced some kind of spam comments or inquiries via the forms in the website? No need to worry. Anti spam plugins can help you protect your website.

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Website Backups

In case something went wrong, having a backup is always easy to revert your website back to normal. You can backup your website daily, weekly or monthly. Keep in mind that it’s better to backup your website more often and keep backups at least at 2 places.

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Woordpress Updates

We install lots of plugins when creating websites. As most of the plugins are from the third party developers, they release updates often. It’s necessary for those plugins to be updated in order to provide maximum security and performance.


We receive instant notifications if your website is down, or something wrong is happing. Our team takes immediate actions to protect your site and put it back on track.

Databse updates

WordPress databases can easily get dirty while your visitors browsing your website and interacting with the site. Regular checkup and backup can help you a lot to keep them clean and tidy.


Are you curious about a campaign or how your visitors interact with your website? Analytic software like Google Analytics can monitor the performance 24/7 and generate reports as you wish.

Protect your WordPress website , time and investment with one of our Webcare packages. You pay the monthly amount and we take care of everything for you. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your website it protected. We have packages starting from $10/Month. Contact us for more infomation.