Search Engine Optimization

Website Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization can help your website to rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Ranking on search engines can help you grow your audience and generate more leads. When someone searches something on Google, they type relevant keywords related to the service or the product that they are looking for. All websites that google show on results are related to those keywords. For an example, if someone search for a “pizza shop in Rome” all results that show will be related to pizza shops and bakeries in Rome. But how does Google know which website is related to which product or service?

That is though keywords that you have used inside your website. We help you write content including relevant keywords that match your business and rank your website on top of search engines with the help of our SEO experts.

Search Engine Optimization

Content Search Engine Optimization

Keyword rich content and freshly written content is the key to optimize your website for SEO. The content on your website must always represent the product or the service that you are offering and must contain long and short keywords. Images on your website must be optimized for the web and have the lowest file sizes. Other than that, your website will contain meta tags, meta descriptions, ALT tags, and title tags. SEO sitemaps and robots.txt file guide web crawlers to crawl your content in the correct way indexing your site on search engines. All these things will be used by Google as factors when ranking your site on google.

Search Engine Optimization

Performance for Search Engine Optimization

Page loading speed directly affects SEO. Therefore your website pages need to be at their lowest size. Unnecessary images must be removed and content must be placed in an order that search engines bots can read them easily. Speed can be increased by using cache plugins and regularly checking page speeds with tools like Google PageSpeed Insights and GT Matrix.

User Experience for Search Engine Optimization 

User Experience describes how a user interacts with your website. Your website must be pleasant and memorable. Easy navigations and readable and fresh content laid with proper size make it easier for users to understand your business message in seconds. More than 25% of search on Google are coming from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore your website must be responsive on every device from smaller screens to larger. Google rank responsive websites on top putting non-responsive websites below on the search engine results page.

Search Engine Optimization

Google Places

Google places help you to register your business on google maps with your business details. When someone searches for related services that you offer, your websites will be shown alongside the map and contact details on the search engine results page. Another opportunity that registering your business on google places will allow your visitors to post reviews on google where other people can read. Positive reviews move your websites to the top.

Google Analytics

You can track your visitors who comes to your websites with the help of google analytics. You will be able to generate detailed reports about how your visitors behave , how users found your websites, to which pages they land, the time they remained inside your website and how they exit your site. We can fine-tune your website’s content based on google analytics results to get the best traffic flow and to increase your conversions.

Search engine optimization

Google AdWords

Adwords lets you advertise your websites on top of Google. When someone searches for a relative keyword, your ad will be shown. Google displays your ads for free, but they charge if someone clicks on your ad. That method is called pay per click. You can use Google Adwords if your website’s SEO is at a low level to increase more traffic.

You can choose a daily budget and change it at any time you want. There is also a competition between ads run by you and your competitors. We always have to use the right keywords and budget to display our ad on top of others. Contact us to find the perfect option for your website.